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After a generous offer from Verizon (they paid me to go away) I retired from the IBEW in 2010. I bought and fixed up two apartment buildings, planted a nice lawn, took up airbrushing, organized my sock draw.....I'm a little bored and I'm looking for projects to work on.


As a Verizon Central Office Technician I spent years troubleshooting computer and network issues with customers, technicians, engineers and systems operations groups. I gained a thorough knowledge of customer service, personal computer configuration, networking, routing, firewall and pc issues and extensive help desk support. Our group helped the company achieve their ISO 9000 rating, and I was there when we rolled out a new product called DSL.


In addition to my stellar career as a Telecomm Technician I've built PC's, installed peripherals and formatted and reinstalled multiple versions of Windows countless times and set up home and small office networks. I've worked with DOS and Linux. and I took advantage of the tuition reimbursement program and took a certificate course in Graphic Design and Web Development at Clark University.


I've listed what skills I have with links to examples of my work. I'm available for hire and you can reach via eMail. You'll be doing society a great service by keeping me busy.




Multimedia Graphics


Photo Retouching/Restoration

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Photo Retouching: I scan and digitally correct water spots, cracks, tears, discoloration and fading or other defects, then print them for framing or provide them to you on DVD or removable storage media. I retouch modeling shots, wedding photos or other images and correct color, skin tone and blemishes and turn your good pictures into professional quality images for print or digital media.

Digital Graphics for the Web or Print

Photoshop: Digital Composites created from multiple images for illustration, advertising, book and cd covers.

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Indesign: Magazine and Newspaper Layouts,

Indesign Cover Indesign Print Layout Indesign Cover


Illustrator: Magazine and Advertising Illustrations in Progress



Web Development



I am proficient in Dreamweaver, which I use to create HTML/CSS and PHP based mobile ready web sites with features such as Javascript and jQuery such as this site, for example.


This site was assembled in Dreamweaver and is customized for smartphones and tablets and the date and time snippet on the main page is in Javascript. The background is fullscreen and static while the content scrolls.

I write W3C compliant HTML5 and CSS3. Although I generally use Dreamweaver for most Web Development projects, however I also use Aptana Studio, Zend Eclipse and PHP Designer. I'm now working a bit with Microsoft Visual Studio as well, and I am a registered user of Github.


>> Customer Site<<

>> Customer Site<<

>> Customer Site<<



Over the coming weeks I will be adding new examples as I complete them.



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Pertinent Software List

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Dreamweaver
    • Indesign
    • Flash
  • Lightroom for PS
  • Zend Eclipse
  • PHP Designer
  • Aptana Studio.